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Police/Security Information

11/16/2023 3:39pm

This page shares information from our contact with the McLean Police Department, Officer Beyer, as well as any other security information.  Scroll down for the following:

Security Measures for Vehicles

Crime Prevention Reminders including personal safety

Traffic Safety for the Holidays


Security Measures for Vehicles
05/30/2023 4:55pm

 Make sure vehicles are parked in well-lit places.

  1. If at all possible put a security device on the steering wheel such as The Club.  It locks over the steering making it difficult to get to the airbags.   While the passenger airbag is still vulnerable hopefully in combination with #3 it will be less.
  2. Putting a protective film on the windows.   While it is not completely tamper proof it does take a lot time and effort (both of which criminals do not have).  There are many different kinds but here is an example Automotive Window Security | 3M
  3. Catalytic Converters – there is a product you can buy which has different names, such as cat shield/plate/cage, which in the end make it difficult to get to the catalytic converter.  Again many different kinds but here is an example - Cat Security - Catalytic Converter Protection shield, Fits - Toyota Prius 04-09 : Automotive


As the weather becomes nicer more people are venturing to parks and hiking trails. Parking lots can be a great opportunity for criminals to break into a vehicle.

Prepare before you go!

  • Only take what you need: Identification, keys and a credit card
  • Instead of leaving your wallet or keys in the vehicle, take a backpack.
  • Before getting to the park store any valuables out of site. Don't wait till you get to the park to hide your stuff. Criminals maybe watching.
  • Ensure windows are rolled up and double check vehicles are locked before leaving your vehicle.


When the weather begins to change and colder weather approaches, cars are started to warm them up and are left running to keep them warm.  Do NOT leave your vehicle running unattended.   A large percentage of the cases are because vehicles are left unlocked with the keys left inside.   Criminals are not stupid and will take a vehicle left running outside 7-11s, restaurants, gas stations and in driveways.  Do NOT give them the opportunity by leaving your vehicle running.

HYUNDAI OWNERS – New Anti-Theft Software Update

Hyundai has created a free anti-theft software upgrade that prevents certain Hyundai vehicles from being started which has become popular due to a Tik Tok trend.   The Hyundais which are affected are models between 2010 – 2022 with ‘steel turn key’ ignitions.  Anyone who has a push-button start is not impacted.   Please contact your Hyundai dealership for more information.  

***Hyundai and Kia Owners:  Notably models from years 2010-2022. Manufacturers identified a potential security flaw that thieves have exploited making it easy to steal.  McLean Station is working on holding a wheel lock distribution event, but I encourage you to speak with your dealerships as they have developed security features by both manufacturers.


In recent weeks, there have been numerous reports of airbag thefts in the county.  

While we cannot prevent all these thefts, here are some tips to try to prevent auto and/or airbag from being stolen:

1. Park in a well-lit area; airbags can be removed in under two minutes

2. Consider purchasing a steering wheel locking device. The main bar of the device runs through the center of the steering wheel and may help prevent the theft. There are some devices that cover the entire steering wheel, which might provide better protection against theft.

3. Have a car alarm and/or a motion activated camera in the vehicle.

4. Do not leave keys, house keys or garage door openers inside your car.

5. Never leave you car running unattended. 

6. If you see something out of the ordinary, especially around parked cars, call the police!

If you see someone attempting to break into your vehicle, or committing another crime, do not engage them. We encourage you to be a good witness and call the police immediately! The police non-emergency number is 703-691-2131 or 911 for an emergency.

Crime Prevention Reminders including personal safety
07/13/2023 3:47pm


  • Be confident and walk with a purpose.
  • Trust your gut! If you feel a person is lurking do not go home but to a public place and call the police.
  • Be aware of your surroundings - when walking always be able to hear the noises around you. You are an easier target when you are not paying attention.
  • If possible, walk with others - safety in numbers.
  • Try to have be hands free.
  • When at home ensure doors are always locked.
  • Never answer the door for strangers and verify utility workers before entry.
  • When you become a new property owner change the old locks.
  • Get to know your neighbors.

See Police/Upcoming Events page for self defense classes

What3words App

If you are a runner, hiker, cyclist, or just need to share your location consider downloading the what3words app to your phone. It is an easy way to identify precise locations. Every 10ft sq radius is given a unique combination of three words. If you are lost, had an accident or any reason why you need the police and/or fire departments assistance send the three words the app gives you at that moment and the person you are sharing the words with puts those three words into their app hits navigate and it will pinpoint their location. This app has already assisted the Fire Department in finding people lost and injured in parks.


  • Keep your doors (and windows) always locked
  • Install/Update motion sensing cameras and lighting in the front and rear of your property
  • Don’t dismiss alerts from your alarm or cameras
  • Keep your yard clean, prune shrubbery so windows and doors can be seen
  • Install window covers to obscure the view from outside
  • Remove ladders and objects that a burglar can use to access all levels of you home
  • Glass breakage alarm notifications, including the second floor as criminals are now entering through second story windows. 
  • Install security window film on windows especially in the back of your home
  • Give the illusion your house is always occupied
    • Use timers on interior lights when you are not home, even if you are gone for a short period of time
    • Stagger the timers’ time on the lights
    • Have them in locations where you spend most of your time when home, kitchen, family room, bedroom, etc. 
  • Keep all valuables (jewelry, watches, cash, etc) out of plain sight and in a safe affixed to the floor
  • Do not post on social media when your away from your home
  • Community events – get to know your neighbors and inform them when you will be gone for an extended period of time

Have a 9’oclock routine – Every night before you go to bed ensure your vehicles are locked, all keys are inside the home and hidden out of plain sight.   Doors are secured and locked.  Alarms are set.  Make it a habit!

**** If you see anything suspicious or have video surveillance footage available of any criminal or suspicious activity, contact the police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131, or 911 for an emergency.  Also, If something is happening in the moment or a person/vehicle of interest is on scene, please call directly to have an officer respond.   However, there are times where you may just need a case # for documenting purposes, attached is a flyer with QR codes to our Community Reporting System (CRS) and Financial Crimes Online Reporting (FICOR). 

Traffic Safety for the Holidays
11/16/2023 3:36pm

Traffic Safety

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, this year November 22nd, is usually a day involving friends reuniting and participating in celebrations that may involve alcohol. 

Buzzed driving is prevalent over Thanksgiving due in part to a cultural phenomenon like “Blackout Wednesday”, also known as Drinksgiving, which highlights and even encourages the heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs through the holiday weekend. Impaired driving related crashes spike during the Thanksgiving holiday season.  

Sobering Statistics:

  • Approximately one-third of fatalities in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the United States involve drunk drivers (with BACs at or above .08 g/dL). In 2021, there were 13,384 people killed in drunk-driving crashes.
  • From 2017 to 2021, 137 drivers involved in fatal crashes on Thanksgiving Eve (6 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.) were alcohol impaired. In 2021 alone, 36 drivers were alcohol-impaired in fatal crashes on Thanksgiving Eve.
  • From 2017 to 2021, young drivers ages 21-24 represented the largest percentage (44%) of alcohol-impaired drivers involved in fatal crashes on Thanksgiving Eve


County Resources

The County resource regarding homelessness outreach is The Officer to Prevent and End Homelessness - Office to Prevent and End Homelessness | Homelessness, Office to Prevent and End (

Officer Beyer's Power Point Presentation on Security

Please see the link for Officer Beyer's power point presentation she shared at the 2022 Annual Meeting.  She strongly suggests watching the Youtube video at the end.

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