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Parking Rules and Information for all Residents

11/18/2014 3:51pm
This page contains rules and parking information for all residents.
Parking spaces along Stonehurst Dr close to entrance
08/25/2021 2:21pm

Did you know that there are two HOAs in Stonehurst community?  Stonehurst Homeowners Association and Stonehurst IV Community association.  Residents who live on the following streets are a part of Stonehurst homeowners association:  Annhurst Street, 9226-9242 Arlington Blvd, Bailey Lane, Barnard Court, 3140-3158 Cantrell Lane, Clanbrook Court, Fairbury Lane, Graceland Place, Hartwick Lane, Lindenwood Lane, Marycrest Street, and Stonehurst Drive.  If you live on any other street/address in Stonehurst, you are part of Stonehurst IV (Stonehurst IV Community Association). 

Did you know that the parking along Stonehurst drive (close to cross streets Stonehurst Drive and Millbranch Drive) is Stonehurst IV property?  This means that only residents of Stonehurst IV and their guests are permitted to park there.  The property lines along Stonehurst Drive are denoted with a blue sign on either side of the street (see picture of sign below).  The area along Stonehurst Drive on the "entrance" side of the sign (the side closest to the entrance of the community) is Stonehurst IV property.  The area along Stonehurst drive on the other side of the sign (moving to the back of the community) is Stonehurst 1,2,3 property.  This property is reserved for Stonehurst 1,2,3 residents and their guests.

Attached is a map for a visual.  The green area is Stonehurst IV property, the blue area is Stonehurst 1,2,3 area. If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary.


Number of Assigned Parking Spaces
03/26/2024 10:08am

With so many new residents in our neighborhood, we would like to remind everyone that according to the Stonehurst Covenants, there is one (1) assigned space per residence.  A second car from that residence may park in any unmarked space on a first come/first served basis. Third car, fourth car, etc from that residence must park in overflow parking located on the south side of Annhurst Street, both sides of Arlington Blvd east of Lindenwood Lane, and space along Stonehurst Drive.

Vehicle Registration, Parking Decals, and Visitor Passes

What Do I Need to Park at Stonehurst? What About Long-Term Guests? 

All vehicles owned by residents (owners and renters) parking within Stonehurst must be registered with the Association Secretary within 7 days of moving into Stonehurst or vehicle purchase.  Once registered, the resident will be assigned a Stonehurst parking decal for the vehicle (shown left) which must be displayed on the passenger side front window as shown.

Visitors and guests of residents whose vehicles will be parked in Stonehurst for 5 days or longer must obtain a visitor’s pass from the Association Secretary. Overnight guests should put a note on the dashboard with the address of the house they are visiting. Frequent guests such as long-term visiting family members, significant others, care givers, nannies, etc. should get a Visitor Pass and display it on their vehicle's dashboard while parking in Stonehurst. Parking decals are for Stonehurst residents only.

Parking Prohibitions

See the Stonehurst Handbook for complete list

In general, the following are prohibited on Stonehurst streets and parking areas:
·         Parking in fire lanes (vehicles will be towed without notice);
·         Parking in an assigned space that is assigned to another townhouse (vehicles will be towed at the resident’s written request)
·         Vehicles without Stonehurst decals or visitor parking passes;
·         Parking across the markers of the parking space or double parking;
·         Vehicles with expired license plates or safety inspections;
·         Large vehicles parked overnight, e.g., trucks, buses, recreational vehicles and trailers over 20 feet long or 7 feet wide;
·         Commercial vehicles parked overnight;
·         Repairing of vehicles; and
·         Junk vehicles.
Vehicles identified as violating the parking rules may be towed.  Unless otherwise noted above, vehicles will receive a warning before being towed. The Association President, Vice President, and Parking Chair are authorized to enforce these rules. If your vehicle is towed, contact Dominion Towing at 703-730-1177.

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