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12/07/2023 12:01pm

Welcome to the Landscaping page! Here we provide links to local vendors, give gardening tips, and report on projects involving landscaping, trees, and erosion prevention in our community.

Landscape contact -

Tree maintenance contact -

05/08/2024 2:37pm

Please see below for the SHA Master Plan including Invasive Control Plan (approved by the Board Dec 2023), Master plan slideshow and Tree Inventory:

Approved Master Plan approved 12/7/2020

Approved Master Plan updated 2021

Approved Master Plan updated 2022

Approved Master Plan updated 2023 (updated Jan 2024)


SHA Master Plan Slideshow 2023


2020 Tree Inventory

2012 Common Area Tree Maintenance and Replacement Policy

Shrub Trimming
06/17/2024 3:30pm

Please review the opt-out list. To make a change, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer. Changes may take up to 30 days to go into effect and will remain in place until the owner sells the home or contacts the Secretary/Treasurer in writing.

In accordance with the current landscape contract, SHA uses the following shrub trimming standard. Owners can opt out but not modify the standard, listed below.

Trim the shrubbery in front and side yards on private property as follows:

  • Three visits per year based on conditions scheduled by contractor (February 15 – November 1).
  • All ornamental shrubs within reach from the ground level shall be selectively pruned to maintain a neat appearance and the natural habitat of species. Shrubs will be pruned to correct uneven growth, stray shoots, dead, damaged, or diseased wood.
  • Previously un-sheared shrubs such as Rhododendron, Azalea will be continued to allow to grow in natural form.
  • Overgrown shrubs and large plant masses will be lightly sheared. Mechanical pruning devices shall be used to trim hedges and to conform to previous maintenance practices.
  • Reduction in height of overgrown shrubs or pruning of more than current years’ growth is considered rejuvenation pruning and is not included in this service.
  • Control of ivy and other ground covers is not part of this service.

Owners may contract with Blade Runners for additional residential services at owner expense. Please contact Blade Runners residential service for details by phone at 703-273-8873 ext. 518 or email

Landscaping Links

Stonehurst Yard and Lawn Maintenance Policy

Stonehurst Grounds Maintenance Vendors:

Tree Removal & Tree Trimming in Arlington & Fairfax VA | JL Tree Service

Stonehurst has been recognized by PlantNovaNatives.  The Stonehurst Master Plan is featured on their website.


Garden Guides
Plant Hardiness Zone Map

If you are curious about plantings in the neighborhood, the free app iNaturalist is a useful tool, available at https://www.inaturalist.orgiNaturalist is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

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