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Snow and Parking

05/23/2016 10:57am

The Association has a contract for the removal of snow from all Stonehurst streets and sidewalks. When ice or snow are forecast, streets and sidewalks may be pretreated to aid vehicles and residents access, if approved by the Snow Maintenance Chair and/or the Board President. The priority of snow removal operations is to first ensure that streets are cleared to allow access for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, and then alleviate the snowfall conditions that affects automobile parking, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic.
a.  STREETS:  The east side of Stonehurst Drive, north side of Marycrest Street, and south side of Annhurst Street has been designated as snow emergency areas. When snow removal operations are in effect (snow accumulation of two inches or more), Stonehurst residents are to move vehicles from these areas to permit the placement of excess snow from the street clearing operations. Vehicles parked in these areas when the contractor comes to plow the streets are subject to being towed at the owner’s risk and expense by the Stonehurst Homeowners Association Board President, Vice President or a Designated Board member.
All streets will be cleared a minimum of two lanes and away from the vehicles where possible. Excess snow will be plowed to the side of the street opposite of the parking areas and on the medians. The intersection of Stonehurst Drive and Route 50 will be cleared to insure that snow piles do not obscure the vision of drivers entering Route 50.
b. PARKING SPACES:  Residents are responsible for the hand clearing of parking spaces for parked vehicles.  Snow removed from parking spaces shall not be dumped in adjacent parking spaces.  Also, residents shall not place snow removed from parking spaces adjacent to fire hydrants.
c. SIDEWALKS:  The contractor will follow the same priorities as that for the clearing of the streets and will clear the sidewalks up to and including the stoops of the residences.  The goal is to clear all sidewalks within four (4) hours after the snow has stopped falling.
d. BLIZZARD CONDITIONS: The contractor is afforded reasonable leeway in time constraints during blizzard conditions.
The Snow Maintenance Chair may be contacted for additional information.

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