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Lighting/Lamp Posts, Common area utility/maintenance items

02/04/2021 7:12pm

This page lists the status for utility or other maintenance items reported to the Board.  Such items include:  lamp posts, utility lines, cable lines, etc running across common sidewalks, rusting utility boxes, open utility containers, erosion issues, etc..

Maintenance Items
02/05/2024 2:04pm

Lamp posts

The following lamp posts are not working and are being addressed by the Lighting committee:




Lamp post not working?
06/17/2024 4:32pm

If you come across a lamp post that is not working, please contact our Lighting chair to report the situation:



02/04/2021 7:54pm

The bent/twisted no parking sign at the bottom of Lindenwood Lane and Annhurst Street will need a new metal post.

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