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Trash and Recycling

Rules and information regarding trash and recycling.

How To Recycle in Fairfax County
12/23/2020 5:31pm

Fairfax County hosted a webinar about how to recycle right in Fairfax County.  The recording may be seen here:


Important information from the webinar affecting our community is highlighted in this document.

Bulk Trash
06/03/2020 5:15pm

CS Waste has recently partnered with HaulShare to handle bulk pick up requests. The new partnership will allow for speedier service, with pick up requests being fulfilled on the same day.  There is an online ordering system, which allows for ease of service, and CS Waste customers may use a promotional code for a discount.

Please visit, or call

(703) 239-8540 to schedule a pickup. 

Recycling Dos and Dont's

For Stonehurst residents, collection for recycling is on Wednesdays.  Please keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts when recycling:

  • DO abide by the requested time: recycling should be put out no earlier than 6 pm Tuesday or no later than 6 am Wednesday.
  • DON’T mix yard waste with your recycling. Yard waste must be bagged separately and put out on trash pick-up days.
  • DO recycle the following items: plastic bottles, jugs, and food containers;  aluminum and tin cans; cardboard and waxed food boxes; newspapers, magazines, and phone books. Glass is no longer being collected.  You can either throw glass away or take it to the big purple bin off of Vaden drive for collection.
  • DON’T forget to clean out any food containers, milk or juice bottles, or food boxes to be recycled.  If you can’t clean it off, it isn’t recyclable!

If you have further questions, see our trash/recycling contractor’s web site (CS Waste) or Fairfax County’s Minimum Recycling Requirements (

Trash and Recycling Times

Trash and yard waste are picked up on Tuesdays and should be placed outside your back gate no earlier than 6 pm the evening before or no later than 6 am the day of pick-up. Bailey Lane residents without sidewalks behind their gates (9243-9281) should use the dropoff spot at the bottom of Bailey near the drainage area.

Recycling is picked up on Wednesdays and the trash placement rules apply to recycling. Please don't place your items out early!

Trash and Recycling Guidelines

The following are guidelines from our Trash contractor as to what and how trash and recycling is accepted.  Please note if trash or recycling is not properly separated or put out on the correct days, this can result in a fine to our Trash contractor by Fairfax County.

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